UCREL semantic tagger

#corpusmooc introduced me to the #UCREL #semantic tagger which you can find here http://ucrel.lancs.ac.uk/usas/

i apologize in advanced for bringing a #sugatamitra related post but hear me out!

i thought the #iatefl   mitra debates would be a nice way to get to know about semantic tagging. so i ran the texts i collected on Wednesday 09 April from the net (note i only did a minimal of cleaning up text, so  some duplicates for example are in my current corpus) through the #lancaster tagger.

note also i have texts divided into original blog posts and texts of comments to the blog posts.

the graphic you see are from the comments to the blog posts and is a way for me to get my head around what could be likely concordances to investigate manually – the words in brackets in the figure labels are potential keywords, the ~ sign represents the most interesting collocation.

let me know what you think, is this a good way to pre-analyse a semantically tagged corpus or not?

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