#videogrep.py is a script that has loads of potential for language learning – http://lav.io/2014/06/videogrep-automatic-supercuts-with-python/

so i have been playing around with #videogrep , and it works a treat.

for example here is a cut of adjective-noun pairs using one #episode of the #bigbangtheory supercut bigbangS07E22 adj noun

an obvious activity is to get students to identify the pairs

videogrep also allows to search for hypernyms e.g. all food related vocabulary

here is another cut of the word well (see comment) that can be used with this vocabulary prompt https://plus.google.com/104940199413423400545/posts/WMoZ7pBM8pv

note that the POS tagger that videogrep uses does not seem as accurate as say the #TreeTagger parser that #TagAnt uses


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