Exploring audio clip tools using the BNC spoken corpus

There are now a number of audio corpus interfaces available that allow you to get examples of spoken English. These vary from Movies and TV shows such as Playphrase (http://playphrase.me) and Yarn (http://getyarn.io/yarn-popular), h/t Sandy Millin ‏@sandymillin, to Youtube videos such as Youglish (http://youglish.com/) and Divii (http://www.divii.org/).

A question arises as to what search terms to use, i.e. what are frequent terms that we could use in class? In order to get a list of frequent terms one can use the Spokes interface to the Spoken BNC (British National Corpus).[http://pelcra.clarin-pl.eu/SpokesBNC/#explore/kp/0/100]

It has a feature that lists all the common formulae such as the following top 3:

thank you very much

i don’t know

isn’t it

One now has a nice base in order to explore the tools mentioned initially. Of course one must bear in mind that the BNC is dated so current conversational English will not be represented well.

Thanks to Cara Leopold @eltinfrance for prompting this note.


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